Saturday, September 22, 2007

Can You Feel It?

Makes you feel gooood...

The Apples In Stereo + Aqueduct
World Cafe Live
Philadelphia, PA

Apples in Stereo were excellent; I could get used to this journalist thing (my first abuse of guest list privileges!). Band wisely chose inscrutable arena rock from their three most recent albums to kick off a surprisingly loud set that barely gave off a whiff of psychedelic like the Elephant 6 of olde (good riddance says I).

1-2-3-4-5: "Can You Feel It?" "Please," "Go," "Energy," "Do You Understand?" Every chorus singable, every hook, countermelody and keyb-augmenting-guitar arrangement perfect. One keyboardist (I'm really gonna have to learn the rest of these guys' names) wore a homemade silver spacesuit with (YES) a cape. "Go" horn problem (they're a big part of the song) solved flawlessly by a melodica (phew). "7 Stars" followed by all four movements of "Beautiful Machine" (the only four part suite I can remember wanting to hear by any band ever) a fucking revelation. Robert Schnieder looked actively surprised to see my front-row ass singing "Machine Pt. 1" and pointed at me (supposedly they've only played this seven times now?). "Skyway" and "Same Old Drag" begat me dancing. No "Sunndal Song" because it was a sausage fest. Next time I also wanna hear "Baroque," "Look Away" and "She's Telling Lies."

Schnieder also turned out to be the nicest human being I've ever met; first rock star to walk up to me after a show to meet/shake/thank for coming (not just me, anyone still in the room minutes after they left the stage). Then there was a conversation about crocs. Thanked him for making my second or third favorite record of 2007 and said not to make me wait too long for the next one (this band's records get better and better each time) and he said they've already begun it. I don't think he reads Lost at Sea but he made a solemn face and gave a serious additional thankyou when informed of the review. I like having (even just a little) power to help out great bands.

Shout-out: Liam, awesome kid to finally meet in person, and his friend Mike, likewise. Former's the lucky fuck who thought to bring a camera (also touched Schnieder's forbidden E6 tattoo). Latter came this close to requesting Schnieder reprise "Oh Steven" from his Colbert Report stint.


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