Tuesday, March 11, 2008

as usual, title inspired by sonic youth

death poems for the living gods of america
by dan weiss

cc's barbeque pit

torture my weekend
with promises of bbq'd,
ribbed delights
closed mondays
you disgust me

metroview grille

six dollar steak!
be still my heart:
the little cup of A-1
was a grand nightcap
you have yourself
a merry little christmas

tommy cheng's

i like to call you uncle chang's
in the privacy of
the girlfriend's dorm
bribe me with
teasing promises
of black bean sauce
you can have my body
no vegetables


i do not appreciate
raw chicken
in my shawerma
you need to fire that asshole!
i used to enjoy :-/


veal piccata please
hold the maggots

wo lee

oh mr. lee,
what won't you do for $5?
right, that

tony's campus cafe

vile institution
comparable to mengele
$27 is a bit steep

brother bruno's

more like 'not' wings
cluck-u, too

big jim's

more like garlic 'nots'
jk you guys
they're pretty good

belmont grill

more like
you know where this is going


Blogger j♥ said...

big jims sucks. belmont is amazing. since im fat my opinion matters.

12:50 AM, March 22, 2008  

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