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lisa walker is gorgeous in person. i was totally unprepared for that from pics and these don't even really do her justice. chuck cleaver is a giant. they are an adorable couple. she works in food service and he's a STONE MASON. during one of the best interviews i've ever given in my life chuck kept pausing after every question to say "man, that's a good question" and at different times called himself a "creampuff" and a "lummox". later told me it was the best interview he's ever done. that's fine, we really got into a zone. it was out of control when three different band members after the show thanked me for my crawdaddy review, the "best-written one they've ever had". (who the fuck reads crawdaddy)

show was good, even though they only played two from funeral dress. these guys are way louder than expected, they really lean on the drone and fuzz; "gone missing"'s jump into the chorus could've been dave grohl. "jonah" may be the greatest romance song of the 2000s. "muscle cars" and "airborne" killed. "sun giant says hey" became "sanjaya says hey."

hung out with them after for a bit. i had to buy this shirt just because it's COMPLETELY IDENTICAL to my luna tee. was gonna buy a men's small and walker insisted i buy a girl's small. later, their bassist and new drummer asked "aw you didn't pay for that did you," i said yes, so they made me take some free shit: some buttons and the only wussy cd i don't own, an ep (bassist: "that's our worst record" new drummer: "wanna know something? i haven't even heard it"). i think chuck cleaver was a little soused when he told me the new guy's "so much better" a drummer than the chick who (i thought) amicably left to start a family in dallas. they're the only band on shake it records, which is not really a label but a record store in ohio; their owner just likes cleaver's music and puts out whatever he gives him, so i assume hutlock's funded their entire career. when they signed my cd booklet joe the drummer drew his own face over the old drummer's.

anyway this being album of the year now obviously has nothing to do with the above and everything to do with the line about the mother who forgets her daughter en route to the mother-daughter banquet. andallthefreeblowjobs.


Blogger hollister4530 said...

Wussy is probably the most amazing local live band. Lisa has such great and amazing stage presence. There is something that makes her look like she could be your best friend in the world but still kick your ass all over the sidewalk if she wanted to. Chuck draws his energy from Lisa and she has plenty to go around. His voice resonates crystal clear in your ears and you cant shake it for days! Mark has to be the most interesting person to watch on stage. He always seems to have something going on and always has that look on his face like 'Guess what I'm going to do next!' He never leaves you disappointed! As for the drummer... Ive only seen him play with them twice so far and he is still learning songs. Sounds like he has great potential and with all the new event dates posted, Im guessing he is fitting right in with the rest of them!

8:37 AM, January 08, 2010  

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