Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Goes Around Comes Around For KOTJ

Tim, look at this low-ass Pitchfork rating! I TOLD YALL we shoulda tapped the Rapture instead of Fall Out Boy

Folks, you can't make up shit this great:


Edit: Holy shit. I just noticed I haven't posted anything in like, a month. Ummm...okay. I really think this Menomena bullshit has been blown out of proportion. So the band makes LOOPS. All of Wincing The Night Away should've been so lucky to have sounded like "Australia" or "Girl Sailor." Bright Eyes' Four Winds EP really doesn't hold interest like it first sounds, whereas formerly annoying hype-types Clap Your Hands and Arcade Fire made albums that turned out to be the opposite. None of these holds water compared to Crunk Hits 2. And the Timbaland album's pretty good, actually, even if it's loaded with outrageous lines like "Bounce like your ass has the hiccups," and probably my favorite non-Mistah Fab lyric of the year so far: "I'm number one, you ain't number shit." But that's still no excuse to ruin the Hives, collaborate with She Wants Revenge or waste a fucking great-sounding track with Elton John (wtffle) by just muttering "uh-huh" and "you like that?" over it like you're watching the track receive a nipple massage (Hey, I did hear from Scott Storch that Timbo likes his packs of franks. . .). Lastly, Pitchfork's just as greedy as I knew they'd eventually be, charging mutherfucking $50 for Clipse and Sonic Youth. I just wanna be the first to yell sellout. Don't dish it out if you can't take it, Panda Bear lovers.


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