Thursday, October 04, 2007

Top 5: Peej Mash-ups

Five mash-ups (so 2002) I'd like to see with PJ Harvey's (so 2004) "When Under Ether":

1. "(When Under) Ether" (PJ Harvey vs. Nas [vs. Jay-Z])
2. "Down Under Ether" (PJ Harvey vs. Men at Work)
3. "When Under Seether" (PJ Harvey vs. Veruca Salt)
4. "When Under Wieners" (PJ Harvey [and by default Scott "Storchavelli" Storch] vs. the back of Timbaland's neck [and by default Ms. Jade])
5. "When Under Skeeter" (PJ Harvey vs. the Beets [from Doug], or if it strikes your fancy, Lil' Jon)


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