Monday, June 16, 2008

jigga, kelly, not guil-ty

I'm often asked why the fuck Tom Breihan is one of my favorite crits in the game, because a lot of people think he's fucking crazy, and while that may have something to do with it, it's mostly because he properly communicates the in-between in his convictions. Like me, he can't resist sprawling about first impressions and he's willing to admit when an album that took his fancy, like Young Buck's Buck the World, disappeared completely. It's important to me because I find not enough critics leave roadmaps, and an album as, say, rewarding but truly intrinsically difficult as Hell Hath No Fury that still makes little melodic sense 20 plays in, can be extra-irritating when it feels like the rest of the world bit from the get-go.

Anyway, this is some premature ejaculation shit....all that buildup just to link you here. Dude's responsible about conflating fandom with justice, and he sums it up with the right cautionary distance from his subject. Good job, B.


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