Wednesday, May 23, 2007

KOTJ Sells The Fuck Out

MaRC 8988 (12:02:29 PM): who the fuck cares what emo is
dan ex machina (12:02:46 PM): yeah, like thats the kind of argument i had when i was in 9th grade
dan ex machina (12:03:09 PM): whether you like emo or not i think the one thing people can agree on is that no one cares who is and who isn't
MaRC 8988 (12:03:17 PM): yes
dan ex machina (12:03:29 PM): like no one ever went "nirvana's not real grunge" when they got famous
MaRC 8988 (12:03:58 PM): ahaha
dan ex machina (12:04:06 PM): lol
dan ex machina (12:04:14 PM): but seriously, they came out of a scene just as underground
dan ex machina (12:04:22 PM): and none of their peers got pissed and defensive
MaRC 8988 (12:04:25 PM): exactly
dan ex machina (12:05:01 PM): and in another thread [the dumbass who caused this whole rant] was like "i can't believe rock n roll is your favorite ryan adams album...the general consensus is that it's his worst"
dan ex machina (12:05:10 PM): and i'm like "wtf would i care about the general concensus"
MaRC 8988 (12:05:44 PM): seriously, the general concensus right now likes shitty music
dan ex machina (12:06:51 PM): yeah i tend to deviate from the general consensus on most picks
dan ex machina (12:07:08 PM): otherwise there wouldn't be a need for the group if we all had the same list
MaRC 8988 (12:07:19 PM): seriously
dan ex machina (12:07:28 PM): so many people love to just name-drop the same albums and hear them validated by other people but no one likes having their oh-so-good taste challenged
MaRC 8988 (12:08:11 PM): yeah, it gets boring when every best album list ever has the same damn albums. not that those albums arent good, but we get the point.
dan ex machina (12:08:13 PM): i don't replay everything people tell me to, but something like tv on the radio, who i really don't like, made enough of an impact with serious music fans that i couldn't just ignore them and had to at least give a few tries
dan ex machina (12:08:20 PM): yeah, exactly
dan ex machina (12:08:42 PM): did you see his list of 90s sellouts? like who was listening to green day "before" they were famous
MaRC 8988 (12:08:59 PM): haha i know
MaRC 8988 (12:09:40 PM): kids in san francisco where the band was from and it was the only place to get their records. same with pretty much every band before they get somewhat famous
dan ex machina (12:10:09 PM): i despise the term sellout in general because it's very narrow-minded to think pop music can't be good...people in there praise prince and stuff now but i don't know what they thought prince was during his heyday. most of these people would've been like "what a sellout"
dan ex machina (12:10:16 PM): or the beatles
dan ex machina (12:10:28 PM): too many people can only like pop in retrospect or ironically
MaRC 8988 (12:11:07 PM): sell-out shouldnt be a term used by actual fans of music. people who listen to music, not just bands they like, but music.
dan ex machina (12:11:49 PM): it's an excuse for everything...a band makes a softer album and people go sellout...a band tries something new...sellout
MaRC 8988 (12:11:54 PM): selling out is someone becoming successful in their field. that would make bill gates and steve jobs sellout
dan ex machina (12:12:44 PM): yeah, music is seriously the only field that people are derided almost automatically for their success. like did people call steven spielberg a sellout because jurassic park broke box office records like crazy?
MaRC 8988 (12:13:02 PM): no
MaRC 8988 (12:13:19 PM): he was a hero and new cinema god
dan ex machina (12:13:34 PM): he mentioned liz phair but she's always said in interviews and lyrics from the start that she hated the male-dominated and insular indie scene there and always wanted to be like madonna, she just made "indie" music because she didnt have the money
dan ex machina (12:13:51 PM): so how can it be selling out if you were never claiming otherwise
MaRC 8988 (12:13:56 PM): but green day releases the best selling "punk" album of the decade and they get hated by their fans. most of whom probably got them album
MaRC 8988 (12:14:18 PM): yeah i dont know
MaRC 8988 (12:14:23 PM): were on the same page here
dan ex machina (12:14:31 PM): yeah i don't even understand dookie was just as huge as american idiot is, the only difference is there's less competition now because it's harder to sell records
dan ex machina (12:14:49 PM): and they never really claimed they were punk
dan ex machina (12:15:04 PM): i consider them punk cuz my definition's real simple: punk = short, fast, catchy
dan ex machina (12:15:17 PM): but i know most people think they're too poppy
MaRC 8988 (12:15:26 PM): and honestly when someone starts a band, do they not want to get famous?
dan ex machina (12:15:52 PM): yeah who'd rather work in an office or something than you know, make money and live leisurely
dan ex machina (12:16:25 PM): i always consider music a job. art and film are jobs, no one considers people in those fields to be "just doing it for the money". everyone has to eat
dan ex machina (12:16:52 PM): there's definitely a healthy balance between wanting to please an audience and challenge them by trying new things at the same time


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