Wednesday, July 18, 2007

kiss out the jam (lip glosstradamus rmx)

Update! I still blog b-blog blog blog. This is my life in July 2007.

1. I did not go to Pitchfork. I am going to Siren.

2. It is no easier trying to fit in with a community of music critics than it was in high school or college. They are not all awkward snobs, and this frightens me. Some of them have dated women who've had breast augmentations!

3. Staying at Jenny's house for a week at a time is awesome.

4. KOTJ need to get paid son. I am raking in $193/month from Go! Magazine because my dear old friend Tracy has the hookups. But I'm no good to Borders except on Harry Potter night. If you have a job and you know where I can find one, hook me up! I'm game to relocate anywhere well-populated in North Jersey or NYC for even a fucking wear-an-apron fix-you-a-latte gig.

5. I don't write about this in this space, but I don't feel like ever updating my MySpace blog or LiveJournal anymore. But I don't know if I'm retired from music or what. I *do* have about half of a Nausea album in the can. I *do* have sketches for a third Dan ex Machina record. I *don't* have an audience/reliable bandmates/money/any current personal satisfaction from making music. But I did drop my last $400 on a new amp and acoustic. So we'll see.

6. Maturity is no fun! Way to get into law school, Greg. Way to join a working band, Justin. Who am I supposed to make racist/homophobic/misogynistic EPs with now?

7. My ass may be broke, but I'm still keeping it indie. Sniff.

8. Who am I kidding...I can't wait to score tix to that Maroon 5/Hives gig.


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