Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update U

Sorry for the dearth of updates, tiny faction of readers, it's been a BUSY-ASS COUPLE WEEKS. I occupy a weird space right now, of all-time highs (my lifelong dream to write for the Village Voice has just begun coming true) and ironic lows (just began a minimum wage job cheating holiday shoppers at FYE; just for the holidays...I hope). Also conducted my first non-email interview, with the great Eddie Argos of Art Brut. Spent a week with Jenny = wondrous. It's almost been two years now. Saw Art Brut, the Hold Steady and Yo La Tengo, all great. I'll link the features (for Lost at Sea) when they go up. Addiction to Facebook Scrabble has crippled my written output.

I guess I'd better update the recent reviews section if I'm gonna keep treating this like a LiveJournal. For now, peep my two favorite pieces (of my own) in a minute, a list of the Top 10 Most Conflicted Rap Songs Ever and a review of startling and confounding 12-year-olds Care Bears on Fire, who may be the last punk band in the world.

Now, quick, help me decide if I prefer Cassadaga to Kala before year's end. Or Strawberry Jam to Night Falls on Kortedala for that matter. And Lord knows if In Rainbows is really Radiohead's best since OK Computer, or even Amnesiac. It's hard out here for a crit.


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