Wednesday, March 26, 2008

despite all my rage i am still just pete townshend mark II

Oh, Billy. Always touching us with no-DUH asshole insights he can't hold onto for more than one question:

Corgan: The consumer's been telling them for ten years they don't want albums. So what do they do? They continue to try to sell them albums. The consumer says that they don't want to pay $15 for fifteen songs when they only want one song. What do they try to do? They try to shove albums down their throat.

Rolling Stone: A lot of artists love the album form or have some connection to it. Is it going to bother you to be more single-focused?

Corgan: No, we're still going to do albums.

Bravo, o clown prince of "alternative" thinking. And he really dodges the inevitable Reznor/Radiohead question. Why didn't you at least try an indie if Warner Bros. is "just as bad" as your former home? Are you too rich for your wannabe rhetoric? Or did the Pavement flap fifteen years ago bar you from all other options? Let me outttttttttttttttttt!


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