Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ocean of Noise

I haven't written much anywhere for a bit, and I plan to start again very soon, but just in case I can't, here's an update.

-Tomorrow is, until I get married, the biggest day of my life. I'm going for my road test to earn my first driver's license, just before I turn 23. That's the plan, anyway. I'll probably forget how to do any of the shit I practiced fervently this summer by the time I can actually afford a car, but that's okay, this is intended as more of a personal triumph. If I pass, expect to hear a lot of Brad Paisley's "All I Wanted Was a Car" from me.

-Then I move out of the house, out of Cherry Hill, for the first time ever. Cliche alert: writer snatches up everything he has and bolts for New York to try and make it on his own. If it was a better song, I'd be playing Jay-Z and Lil' Wayne's new "Hello Brooklyn" right now.

-FYE, to my surprise, was willing and able to transfer me to their Rockefeller Center location. Better than starting from scratch, but I'm still gonna hit up a temp agency so I can make more than $40 a week. Cue up that Clipse song about unrolling so much change they get paper cuts.

-A quick bit about the end-of-Stylus gathering that I should've written about at the start of the month: everyone's great. I was nervous as fuck to meet my colleagues, and anyone who was there will tell you that the ratio of my posts on the staff message board to words I spoke in NYC diverges greatly.

Andrew Unterberger is the nicest dude in the entire world, especially for hosting me, taking me for delicious orange chicken at Red Hot Szechuan and missing the first 40 minutes of Anton Corbijn's Control (and the chance to be part of a great Love in the Time of Cholera anecdote) so I wouldn't get lost finding the theater. Cosmo Lee is one of the friendliest people I've ever met and an extraordinarily talented musician. Theon Weber, Ian Mathers and Mike Orme all proved just as entertaining and insightful at the Met as they are in Facebook Scrabble games. Jeff Weiss is a suspiciously nice guy for an archnemesis/West Coast counterpart (though with his new LA Weekly blog feed he's moving on up and trading me in for Tom Breihan). Todd Burns was a generous party host and just as sensible about his karaoke decisions as he was at editing the millennium's greatest music publication (I SAID IT). Tal Rosenberg is a funny motherfucker.

Everyone else I wish I spent more time with, but the little bits I got were fun...Ukranian restaurant, tiny bar, Little Italy, requisite "Bohemian Rhapsody" climax on karaoke night. The handful of writers who couldn't make it were missed. Someday, Nick, Stew, Jonathan, Justin, Derek, Todd, Peter, Patrick, Ian, Andrew #2, Andrew #3, ENTIRE FILM STAFF EXCEPT LEARNED, anyone else I forgot.

-A bigger chunk of people named above than expected has delightfully agreed to contribute to new project I'll be spearheading. What Was It Anyway? is an unofficial spin-off of Stylus' On Second Thought feature that will launch in the form of a weekly blog in January. If any other writers reading this are interested in contributing a 500-1000 word piece on an underrated album they love or an overrated one they disdain, please contact me and send clips to

-I'm also excited to vote in my first critics' poll! Thanks for the invite, Idolators and 'latorettes!

-Oh, and I'll have for all of you my final 2007 list in a few weeks, with every album I've heard this year ranked from best to worst. December is going to be a wild month.


Blogger Gigi said...

looks like everyone from Cherry Hill is fleeing to NYC..but really, can you fucking blame us?

12:57 PM, November 30, 2007  

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